I am a painter and photographer, and currently reside not far from the Barossa Valley region in South Australia. I use acrylics primarily and have been painting since 2016.

I studied English Language and Literature at Adelaide University at Honours level, and graduated in 1993. Expanding my photographic knowledge in 2013 inspired me to take up the brush and paint.

My painting process relies heavily on intuition and letting go of my fears. In practice, this means not being afraid to keep on painting over and over until I find some meaningful connection.

Painting allows me to record explosions of energy, thought, and movement. When I begin a painting, I don’t know when or what the end is. Marks become layers – layers are destroyed and remade – and the circuitous pathways of paint take shape and change. It is obsessive, stimulating, intuitive, expressive, frustrating, exploratory, and at times uncontrolled.

There is a harmony between elements in every painting that must be achieved. If I stray too closely to conscious choice and control, I lose clarity and focus. I always seek a space between knowing what the paint is doing and allowing some unconscious urge to guide it.

Photography is a way for me to re-frame the world according to my internal narrative. It also allows me to record textures and details that might otherwise go unnoticed.